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God’s Earth Heats Up Against Tyranny: Climate Change to Kill Billions this Century

26 May



MIT: Global Warming of 7°C ‘Could Kill Billions This Century’

25 05 2009

By Steven Goddard


Some readers may remember the 1961 film “The Day the Earth Caught Fire”. It could be viewed as the original “climate alarmist” film as it contains all of the plot elements of our current climate alarmism scenarios: exaggerated images of a dying planet, a mainstream media newspaper reporter, technology that is feared, the Met Office, and last but not least, junk science.

You can read about the whole wacky plot here.
Back to the present.

A new study out of MIT predicts “a 90% probability that worldwide surface temperatures will rise at least 9 degrees by 2100.
This is more than twice what was expected in 2003. The Telegraph reports

Global warming of 7C ‘could kill billions this century‘. Global temperatures could rise by more than 7C this century killing billions of people and leaving the world on the brink of total collapse, according to new researchA similar 2003 study had predicted a mere- but still significant- 4 degree increase in global temperatures by 2100, but those models weren’t nearly as comprehensive, and they didn’t take into consideration economic factors.

So what has changed since 2003 to cause the scientists at MIT’s “Centre for Global Climate Change” to believe the world is going to boil over this century and send billions of us directly to a toasty demise similar to our featured movie?  

Since 2003, global temperatures have been dropping.

Arctic ice extent is at the highest late May levels in the AMSR-E satellite record. 
Antarctic ice has broken the record for greatest extent ever recorded.
January, 2008 broke the record for the most snow covered area ever measured in the Northern Hemisphere.

I added a red line below showing the reported projected rise in temperatures from the MIT models, compared with the actual observed temperature trends since the previous 2003 report. Their projections show a correlation of essentially zero.WFT_goddard_mit_temptrendGiven that the observed trends are exactly opposite what the MIT models have predicted, one might have to ask what they have observed since 2003 to more than double their warming estimates, and where their 90% confidence value comes from? 


The study, carried out in unprecedented detail, projected that without “rapid and massive action” temperatures worldwide will increase by as much as 7.4C (13.3F) by 2100, from levels seen in 2000.

This study has a strong scent of GIGO (garbage, in garbage out.) MIT has one of the world’s preeminent climatologists Dr. Richard Lindzen in their Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences. I wonder if the scientists at the “Centre for Global Climate Change” checked with him before firing this remarkable piece off to the press?

During the Phanerozoic, CO2 levels have at times been more than 1,500% higher than present, but temperatures have never been more than 10C higher than present. So how does a projected 30% increase in CO2 produce a 7C temperature rise in their models? During the late Ordovician, there was an ice age with CO2 levels about 1000% of current levels. Hopefully the newspaper headlines don’t accurately represent the content of the article.


Finally, does their name (”Centre for Global Climate Change“) hint at a possible inherent bias in their raison d’être? What rapid and massive actiondo they want us to engage in?



Want War? Start “War Against Bombs”

26 May


Against the Atomic Bombing of 1945



The United States should not have used the atomic bomb to stop the Japanese militaristic threat during World War II, seeing that it was unnecessary to cause untold suffering unto hundreds of thousands of people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Seeing that the United States is nowadays a champion of nuclear warming, it would be ironical if the nation would continue to agree with the logic of using an atomic bomb to end war.  Certainly, the atomic bombs used during World War II – Little Boy (especially named for Hiroshima), and Fat Boy (detonated in Nagasaki three days after the Hiroshima bombing) – were deadly, to say the least.[1]  The bombs used by the United States served to terrify the Japanese people, and therefore ended the war quicker than previously believed.  However, today the United States knows that the cost that was paid by the Japanese people at the expense of a war, was humungous.  It should not have happened.  What if it happens in our homeland?  The photographs that have arrived from Hiroshima and Nagasaki are enough to convince us that the bombing was actually unnecessary (See Appendix).  If Mr. Truman were to be asked his opinion today, he might agree, although he might add that it was necessary to check the potency of those bombs for the world to stop using them altogether. 

     While it is a fact that the world has stopped using atomic bombs after the Hiroshima-Nagasaki bombing, it remains true that it was unnecessary to use the atomic bombs in the first place.  It was unnecessary because we knew all along that those bombs are powerfully dangerous.  Indeed, the Hiroshima-Nagasaki bombings were a crime against humanity.  Needless to say, it is essential to stop such crimes.  Thankfully, still, the U.S. has realized its mistakes and today acts a spokesperson for ‘freedom from nuclear proliferation and explosions,’ which Mr. Truman had thought were actually equivalent to the harnessing of universal energies, if not the powers of God, as of the Big Bang.  At the same time as the atomic bombing of 1945 acted as a revolution for humanity, and the marriage between technology and human beings – it was a “terrible” disaster.  In the words of the then-unapologetic Mr. Truman, the extent of the disaster was also expected:


         We have discovered the most terrible bomb in the history of the world.  It may be the fire

    destruction prophesied in the Euphrates Valley Era, after Noah and his fabulous Ark.

         Anyway we “think” we have found the way to cause a disintegration of the atom.  An

    experiment in the New Mexico desert was startling – to put it mildly.  Thirteen pounds of the

    explosive caused the complete disintegration of a steel tower 60 feet high, created a crater 6

    feet deep and 1,200 feet in diameter, knocked over a steel tower 1/2 mile away and knocked

    men down 10,000 yards away.  The explosion was visible for more than 200 miles and audible

    for 40 miles and more.

         This weapon is to be used against Japan between now and August 10th.  I have told the

    Sec. of War, Mr. Stimson, to use it so that military objectives and soldiers and sailors are the

    target and not women and children.  Even if the Japs are savages, ruthless, merciless and

    fanatic, we as the leader of the world for the common welfare cannot drop that terrible bomb

    on the old capital or the new….[2]


The experiment was not essential to conduct upon the lives of countless civilians who ended up losing their existence to Mr. Truman’s whim.  The United States should simply have shown the New Mexico desert example to the Japanese, and warned them thereby.  Science allows for such examples to serve as warnings.  In any case, Mr. Truman was successful in that he managed to warn the Japanese alright.[3]  As a matter of fact, the Americans promised the Japanese more ruin to come from the air, if the latter failed to concede subsequent to the Hiroshima explosion.  Was it not reasonable for the U.S. to have waited more than three days before it also bombed Nagasaki – for the effects of the bomb to show up in greater intensity in Hiroshima, or for the Japanese to simply look upon their damages and surrender?  The effects of the bomb were present the first day to boot.[4]  Unfortunately, the Japanese did not concede until after the Nagasaki bombing.[5]    

     According to the Americans, by bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki, they terrified the Japanese into surrender.  However, it can reasonably be argued that the United States should have used its actual scientific testing of the nuclear weapon (in the Mexican desert) to scare the Japanese, instead.  The U.S. could have easily reported the scientific testing in the Japanese press.  Furthermore, the U.S. should not have bombed Nagasaki after Hiroshima, seeing that the effects of the bomb in Hiroshima were horrible at best.  The United States is a nation of people standing by God through their world-famous Declaration of Independence and Constitution.  It is quite obvious from news reports about the Hiroshima bombing alone that the attack called for the help of God.  In actual fact, the attack was a miserable failure for the United States because it stopped all sense of normal life in Hiroshima in the twinkling of an eye.  Quite similar to 9/11, the Hiroshima bombing was enough as warning, even if we were to give the U.S. the benefit of the doubt by assuming that the scientific experiment could not have been enough of a warning for the Japanese.  The U.S. should not have gone forward with the Nagasaki bombing after inflicting a disaster similar to 9/11, but bigger in magnitude than 9/11.  It was an inhumane mistake.

     Fortunately, however, the United States is now wise enough to avoid such disasters in the present and the future.  The world knows that the nation is capable of inflicting such a disaster, and other countries are developing similar military power in a race to rule the world.  All the same, everybody now understands that it is atrocious to use atomic bombs on other human beings like unto ourselves.  It is not only inhumane, but also stupid to use nuclear weapons when scientific experiments (including Hiroshima) have clearly shown the immensity of the damage that these weapons may inflict.  It is, moreover, a terrible mistake to be thinking of developing such weapons.  Even though they serve as good warning measures, or may be later used in an ice age; atomic bombs are atrocious to employ on people.  Lastly, it is essential to realize that it is never necessary to be violent and horrible.  Rather, the concepts of peace, love, and brotherhood – all emotional appeals – plus numberless varieties of logical appeals could keep us on the paths of peace and prosperity.  In fact, the relationship between U.S. and Japan as it exists today is evidence that the realization has hopefully occurred.       











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The UN and HRW and Buddies Can Only Watch and Report: Allah Will Fix the Problems

24 May

Of course, Prophet Muhammad, peace on him, never said people should be killed for abandoning Islam. Rather, the Qur’an says, “There’s no compulsion in religion.” That’s the truth. It’s another fact that illiterate so-called Muslim men invented countless sayings in the name of Muhammad.





And, what you do is to torture, oppress and kill innocent Muslims because you can’t find bin Laden and buddies, previously the buddies of Bush, etc. You imagine that all innocent Muslims are on the side of illiterate radicals. So you become as unjust as the bin Ladens.





Hamas brainwash videos.

(Note: Jews are “People of the Book” in the Holy Koran; Zionists do not follow Mosaic law; they also kill Orthodox Jews).





Iraqi curses Bush, etc.


Jews, Christians, Muslims: Remember One God?

14 May

Muslims are unsafe among Jews and Christians today. Christians are unsafe among Jews and Muslims. Jews are unsafe among Muslims and Christians. But they all believe in the same God whose commands remain unchanged.

The innocents among them fear oppressive politicians and their sidekicks, the terrorists, who wouldn’t allow them to come to terms with each other, that is, peaceful coexistence. Perhaps even love would have been possible?

Let’s build a new world without politicians and their sidekicks. Let’s stop paying attention to them. What Obama? Zardari, who? — Ants before God, insignificant people becoming big in our heads.

O People of the Book! Let us rally to a common formula to be binding on both us and you: That we worship none but God; that we associate no partners with Him; that we erect not, from among ourselves, lords and patrons other than God. (Qur’an: Surah Al ‘Imran, 64)


Christians fleeing the Middle East

The Pope visited Jordan. The Christians are fleeing the region

Christians used to be a vital force in the Middle East. They dominated Lebanon and filled top jobs in the Palestinian movement. In Egypt, they were wealthy beyond their number.

In Iraq, they packed the universities and professions. But as Pope Benedict XVI wends his way across the Holy Land this week, he is addressing a dwindling and threatened Christian population driven to emigration by political violence, lack of economic opportunity and the rise of radical Islam.

A region that a century ago was 20 per cent Christian is about 5 per cent today and dropping. In Lebanon, Christians now amount to a quarter of the population. A century ago there were millions of Christians in what is today Turkey; now there are 150,000. In Bethlehem, Christians now make up barely a third of the population after centuries of being 80 per cent. Of the 1.4 million Christians in Iraq in 2003, nearly half have fled.

Source: New York Times.

Pakistan Economy Mathematics

28 Apr

Only for geeks who can read these figures


Pakistan Economy
Foreign Investment
Year wise Foreign Investment inflows in Pakistan
Country wise Foreign Investment Inflows
Country wise FDI inflows
Sector wise FDI inflows
Foreign Investment inflows in Pakistan (Million $)
Year  Greenfield
Total FDI  Private Public Total
Portfolio Portfolio Foreign
Investment  Investment  Investment 
2001-02  357 128 485 -10 -483 -8.4
2002-03  622 176 798 22 -261 559.1
2003-04  750 199 949 -28 339 1,260.70
2004-05  1,161 363 1,524.00 153 458 2,134.60
2005-06  1,981 1,540 3,521.00 351 613 4,485.00
2006-07  4,873.20 266 5,139.60 1,820 1,468.30 8,428.20
2007-08 5,019.60 133.2 5,152.80 19.3 20.8 5,193.00
3,042.10 3,042.10 -418.40 -539.10 2,084.60
Total  17,805.90 2,805.20 20,611.50 1,908.90 1,616.00 24,136.80
Direct and Portfolio Investment (Million $)
Country  2008-2009(July-March)  2007-2008(July-March)
Direct  Portfolio Total Direct  Portfolio Total
Private Public Private Public
USA 705.5 -264.0   441.5 1,102.5 365.6   1,468.1
Mauritius 306.3 2.7   309.0 332.4 6.5   338.9
Singapore 241.8 -34.7   207.1 22.8 -21.2   1.6
Malaysia 217.3     217.3 -4.0     -4.0
UK 204.6 -68.1   136.5 279.1 -144.1   135.0
Switzerland 203.8 -29.3   174.5 127.0 -62.2   64.8
UAE 163.4 6.3   169.7 322.3 17.5   339.8
Norway 91.5     91.5 134.5     134.5
Hong Kong 89.4 -34.5   54.9 86.8 -195.6   -108.8
Australia 68.3 -10.8   57.5 50.7 -49.3   1.4
Other  750.2 14.0   288.0 851.8 37.2   889.0
Debt Securities     -539.1       -7.5  
GDRs       0.0       0.0
Total 3,042.1 -418.4 -539.1 2,084.6 3,305.9 -45.6 -7.5 3,252.8
Source : State Bank of Pakistan
8% decrease in FDI as compared to July-March FY 2008
35.9% decrease in Total Foreign Investment as compared to July-March FY 08
Country Wise FDI Inflows (Million $)
Country 2000-01 2001-02 2002-03 2003-04 2004-05 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08 2007-08
USA 92.7 326.4 211.5 238.4 325.9 516.7 913.1 1,309.3 1,102.5 705.5
UK 90.5 30.3 219.4 64.6 181.5 244.0 860.1 460.2 279.1 204.6
U.A.E 5.2 21.5 119.7 134.6 367.5 1,424.5 661.5 588.6 322.3 163.4
Japan 9.1 6.4 14.1 15.1 45.2 57.0 64.4 131.2 92.5 60.3
Hong Kong 3.6 2.8 5.6 6.3 32.3 24.0 32.6 339.8 86.8 89.4
Switzerland 3.6 7.4 3.1 205.3 137.5 170.6 174.7 169.3 127.0 203.8
Saudi Arabia 56.6 1.3 43.5 7.2 18.4 277.8 103.5 46.2 33.6 (37.2)
Germany 15.5 11.2 3.7 7.0 13.1 28.6 78.9 69.6 59.3 49.6
Korea(South) 3.7 0.4 0.2 1.0 1.4 1.6 1.5 1.2 0.7 1.2
Norway 41.9 0.1 0.3 146.6 31.4 252.6 25.1 275.0 134.5 91.5
China 0.3 3.0 14.3 0.4 1.7 712.0 13.7 12.8 (51.7)
Others 76.6 173.9 108.6 369.3 521.9 1,512.2 1,748.7 1,054.8 1,561.7
Total 322.4 484.7 798.0 949.0 1523.9 3521.0 5139.6 5,152.8 3,305.9 3,042.1
127.4 176.0 198.8 363.0 1540.3 266.4 133.2 133.2
FDI Excluding
Pvt. Proceeds
322.4 357.3 622.0 750.2 1,160.9 1,980.7 4,873.2 5,019.6 3,172.7 3,042.1

8% decrease in FDI Including Pvt. Proceeds as compared to July-March FY 08
4.1% decrease in FDI Excluding Pvt. Proceeds as compared to July-March FY 08

Sector Wise FDI Inflows (Million $)
Sector 2000-01 2001-02 2002-03 2003-04 2004-05 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08 2007-08
Oil & Gas  80.7 268.2 186.8 202.4 193.8 312.7 545.1 634.8 464.2 555.7
(34.9) 3.6 207.4 242.1 269.4 329.2 930.3 1,607.6 942.7 672.6
Textiles 4.6 18.5 26.1 35.4 39.3 47.0 59.4 30.1 23.7 28.5
Trade 13.2 34.2 39.1 35.6 52.1 118.0 172.1 175.5 149.0 140.4
Construction 12.5 12.8 17.6 32.0 42.7 89.5 157.1 88.5 69.7 73.0
Power 39.9 36.4 32.8 (14.2) 73.4 320.6 193.4 70.3 41.4 78.1
Chemical 20.3 10.6 86.1 15.3 51.0 62.9 46.1 78.0 62.1 49.0
Transport 45.2 21.4 87.4 8.8 10.6 18.4 30.2 73.0 56.6 49.2
NA 12.8 24.3 221.9 517.6 1,937.7 1,898.7 1,625.3 922.9 806.1
Others 140.9 66.2 90.4 170.1 274.0 285.0 1,107.2 769.7 573.6 589.5
Total 322.4 484.7 798.0 949.4 1,523.9 3,521.0 5,139.6 5,152.8 3,305.9 3,042.1
127.4 176.0 198.8 363.0 1,540.3 266.4 133.2 133.2
FDI Excluding
Pvt. Proceeds
322.4 357.3 622.0 750.6 1,160.9 1,980.7 4,873.2 5,019.6 3,172.7 3,042.1

8% decrease in FDI Including Pvt. Proceeds as compared to July-March FY 08
4.1% decrease in FDI Excluding Pvt. Proceeds as compared to July-March FY 08